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About Us

One night when the old folks had gone to bed early, I sneaked back into the factory, borrowed some of their traditional formulas and tweaked them to make a range of supplements for the problems the modern world throws at you.  I wanted them to be healthy and natural, but that’s no reason why we couldn’t have a bit of fun as well.  You won’t be embarrassed to have these products in your glove box, purse, gym bag or man bag (if you really have one).  If they’re not for you, buy them for your ‘special’ friend, you know the one I am talking about.

Health House is the parent company (think of it as being like your mother) who makes sure all our formulations are natural and effective and handles all the orders, distribution and other boring stuff.  Health House has lots of products for those that “are serious” either on line or at the shop.

Zealand Health Manufacturing Limited is our manufacturing plant (think of it as your nerdy sibling).  Just serious attention to detail and quality checking, plenty of paperwork, lots of cleaning and some cool machines to put stuff into the capsules, then capsules into tins.